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RV Day 12

Saturday, April 17, 2021

We wake up in Hurricane, Utah in the most beautiful RV Campsite I have ever seen. Real paved roads. Real grass lawns, etc. Costly but we see why. We get breakfast at the Red Rooster Cafe, a place we looked at for dinner last night, but it is clearly a breakfast/lunch restaurant, NOT a dinner place based on the menu. The breakfast burrito and the sausage & eggs were very good and plentiful and half my burrito is in our fridge.

We hit the road and today decide to head for Hoover Dam. We have both been there a number of times but not since they built the new Bypass Bridge back in 2009. What a streamlined way to cross through the area! It used to be this little 2 lane road that zigzagged down the mountain, across the Dam and zigzagged back up the other side.

We wanted to take photos of the bridge from the Bypass Bridge above it but that can’t be done from the driving lanes. But we are in luck as we pass across the bridge to see a Walkway along the Dam side of the Bridge. We take 20 minutes or so to locate the parking area by which to access the walkway and our cameras rejoice!

We climb up the stairs to the Walkway and our cameras take over and guide us along the path to marvelous sights. Hoover Dam is quite the sight from above.

Back at the RV, we drive along down and cross the Dam, our cameras still happily chirping away, this time pointing up at the new Bypass Bridge. We opt not to park and walk around, as the RV Parking is a half mile past the Dam and up the Arizona side in elevation. So I find a place to turn the RV around (something you have to plan for) and we go back across the Dam. It’s easy to shoot photos out the side windows of the RV when you are driving under 10 miles per hour!

It is 4:30 in the afternoon and our destination for the night is Primm, Nevada, right on the California state line. This place is also called, “State Line”! We are under 4 hours driving time to Home and are comfortable with the distance.

But we have a small pressing issue with the RV. It seems something is blocking the pipe from our toilet to the “Black Water” holding tank. I need a plumbing snake to clear it. It turns out that the hardware stores are back in Vegas and we hate to backtrack. So we get creative at a truck stop in Jean, Nevada, halfway from Vegas to Primm. And Elee finds a four foot stick in a trash can and I buy an extension cord. I use the stick to push the extension cord down the drain and voila! The clog is broken! Now all we have to do is clean the cord (and we rinse the stick and store it in an outside bin). We’re back in business!

So we drive the last 10 miles to Primm and stop at the “Primm Valley” Casino. We go inside and eat at the “Primm & Proper” restaurant and both of us have a tasty, yet a bit overcooked chicken dinner. We get to have our masks off for dinner, Yea!

Elee wants to check out the slot machines for a bit and I walk around and find Security to confirm we can set up in the parking lot overnight. I find a guard and he takes me outside and points to where I can park. I tell him, “That is one of mine!”. He replies, “One of yours?”. I laugh and correct myself, “One of those is mine!” We both chuckle and he just tells me that I have parked in the correct location!

I find a Penny Slot Machine and put $5 in it, thinking this will give me 500 pulls. But it has been so long since I was in Vegas that I don’t understand why the first pull costs me 75 cents. The next pull costs me 45 cents. Then I win a pull and get 3 dollars. It’s all downhill from there and I lose different random increments ranging from 25 cents to 2 dollars each pull. I never do figure out how the numbers work, but in the end I only lose 12 cents!

So I set up the RV for the night and shortly after, Elee comes in. We compare notes and it turns out that, for once, I beat her in Vegas! I told her that I lost $0.12 in the penny slots and she admits to losing $20! A new one as she always beats my spending!

We get these Blog Posts written and it is time to turn in! Good night all and we’ll see you in the morning!

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  1. Bob Schaffer

    Great photos. I heard that the water levels of Lake Powell and Lake Mead are low, but WOW are they low. Looks like you had a nice trip.

    Liked by 1 person


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