Road Trip 2022 Day 08

Boone to Roanoke VA

Today we get up around 8AM and get breakfast downstairs. We decide against driving the Blue Ridge Parkway in the interest of getting to Roanoke in a timely fashion. So we head out towards the highway. About the time we decide we need to fuel up the car, we see a winery off the highway and it is also nearing lunchtime.

We fuel up and head for the winery. Upon pulling in, the first thing we notice is that the grapevines look very sad indeed. The winemaker confirms our observations and tells us they had very bad luck with the grapes. So they turned their operation into a distillery instead. This they had quite good success with and their flavored moonshines are delicious. We get a tour of the distillery an we even buy some to bring home! Those close to us may even get to try some in the near future!

We travel on and make it into Roanoke in the early afternoon and find the travel info center and the attendant gives us useful info and we head out happily into downtown on a walking tour, our cameras happily clicking away. We find a restaurant, “Fork in the Market” and stop for lunch and a brew. We then resume our walking tour and get back to our car some time later.

We have been told to check out the “Roanoke Star” and we locate it on top of a hill. It is a 30 foot tall white star that is illuminated at night. We take some photos in the day and then go find dinner at another downtown restaurant, “Awful Arthur’s” that turns out to be not so awful. By this time it is getting dark and we make it back up to the “Star” where we take more photos of the illuminated Star. At one point, a fun lady, Yolanda Ramos, poses for a photo and holds the Star up in the air! What a fun lady!

Alas, the night wanes and we head back to our hotel to retire for the evening. See you all tomorrow!

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