Road Trip 2022 Day 10

Charleston WV to Lexington KY

Today we arise and once again get breakfast in the hotel. Complimentary breakfasts have become the norm and are much more economical than going out to restaurants! So then we pack up and head out.

This morning we head into downtown Charleston to find the Capitol building as we hear it is open to the public, not like the protected buildings in California where the lawmakers are terrified of the public they have created. We even find free parking! So after asking questions of some very friendly locals, we find the correct door to go in and our cameras are happily clicking away (after a quick x-ray security scan, of course).

White marble walls and floors and Elee thinks she is back at work, LOL. Photos of the Rotunda amaze even the simplest of camera lenses and pristine hallways shine as we stroll through them. Senate and House Chambers with chairs aligned and inkwells in order await the politicians return to their lawmaking duties.

We soon amass as many photos as we can and step back out into the sunshine and find our car and drive off in search of new places to see. Deciding to move on, we head towards Kentucky and set our Navigators for Lexington. In about an hour we come across the sign that announces “Welcome to Kentucky”. It catches us by surprise and we want to take photos of it. So we double back and drive by it again. This time I manage to get a photo of it but Elee misses it. So we double back again. Why? You ask, is this photo so important to Elee’s camera? Well, the simple answer is that this completes Elee’s quest to visit all 50 States. So the double back is that important. And the third time is the charm, this time Elee gets the photo and all is well!

An hour later we roll into Lexington and find a hotel. We check in and find a dinner restaurant near downtown in an eclectic area called Chevy Chase Circle. The restaurant is called “The Sage Rabbit” and the food is good.

On a side note, Lexington is the Horse Capitol of the World. Kentucky is my 48th State as I still have 2 more to complete my quest to visit all 50 but that is the subject of another blog page.

Until tomorrow my friends….

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