Road Trip 2022 Day 14

Kimball TN to Atlanta GA

We awaken in Kimball and have breakfast and drive on to Chattanooga TN, a short 30 minute drive. We stop at Ruby Falls, an underground series of caves ending at an underground waterfall, a highlight of Chattanooga and we sign up for an afternoon tour. We now have about 4 hours before we need to be back for our tour so we drive the last 5 minutes into the city and find things to see and do.

We find the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel and take some really fun photos. Part of us wishes we had stayed here but the $3-500 nightly price tag to stay in a rail car for a night is out of our budget. But the grounds are fun to walk around. We then walk around the downtown area and find the “Selfie Museum” but it appears to be closed and we wonder if Covid has put it out of business or is it just because it is Sunday?

We drive a mile or so and park the car again and walk across the river with our cameras and take some fun shots of the local aquarium buildings with an outdoor waterfall stairs that hot tourists are playing in. A local pub provides us with some cold refreshments in the form of cold hard cider and a local IPA and we are refreshed and ready to go again!

It is time to drive back to Ruby Falls for our tour and the place doesn’t disappoint. Our guide, Evie, takes us down a 260 foot elevator shaft and then a half mile of caverns into Lookout Mountain where we eventually arrive at Ruby Falls, a 90 foot tall underground waterfall, some 1100 feet underground! They have illuminated the falls with colored lights for quite the effect which our cameras enjoy immensely!

The path out is the same as the path in and the tour groups have to squeeze past each other on the way but the tour guides have developed a pattern and it all works smoothly and after an hour and a half we find ourselves back out in the hot humid Tennessee air after being in 60 degree underground air!

We set our GPS for Atlanta GA and in just under 2 hours we find ourselves checking into our hotel. We find a local Chinese restaurant only a few blocks away and have a quick dinner before turning in for the night. Tomorrow we will tour Atlanta!

Good night all!

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