Road Trip 2022 Day 03

Charleston to Myrtle Beach SC

This morning we took advantage of the hotel’s Continental Breakfast and then got on our way north. It was an uneventful drive to Myrtle Beach where we checked into our condo that we own to check out but not before stopping to book a helicopter flight over the beach to arrange at sunset tonight.

We check in to find out that some maintenance items have not been performed as promised so we jump on top of these items and start arranging for their completion. Changing out bedroom curtains and quilts, etc. Getting on top of a glass company that was supposed to have completed a sliding door unit 3 months ago seems to be the biggest item. It seems they can come in the morning to complete it while we are still here. I’m not holding my breath.

So now for a little fun. We walk down to the beach and play in the surf. The ocean is a balmy 86 degrees and the surf has 2-4 foot waves. It has been decades since we have played in such water. So play we do for most of an hour before these old bodies are tired out. We dry off and shower before resting a bit and then find a good seafood restaurant as this will be our last day on the shore before heading inland. Then we head to the helicopter pads to hopefully get some shots that the resort can maybe use for advertising and maybe I can get some fun use out of them also.

Now it’s back to the resort to get some rest to see what tomorrow will bring. Until tomorrow!

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