Road Trip 2022 Day 04

Myrtle Beach to Charlotte NC

This morning dawns with pelicans flying by our windows gracefully if that can be possible 14 stories above the ocean for birds that never appear graceful! Coffee poured and a peaceful morning begins. And surprise, surprise, right on time, the glass company shows up with the correct panel of glass for our sliding window and it only takes them 20 minutes to install the hurricane panel that we ordered 4 months ago. So we are happy campers after all.

The road is calling us and we pack up and get rolling and a short four plus hours later we roll into Charlotte, North Carolina. A new state for the bucket list and our list of 50 states to visit becomes shorter. We find a winery to do a tasting at before dinner and get to try a couple new varietals on our hunt to try 100 varieties of grapes.

Next, we seek out “7th Restaurant” in downtown Charlotte that was recently featured on Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine and we are more than impressed with the food and service. I have the Seafood Gumbo and Elee has the Clam Bake. Our waitress visits with us and we are doubly impressed as she was on the show. The Manager stops by and is quite congenial and I highly recommend the restaurant if you are ever in Charlotte!

Then we drive around downtown in the last remaining minutes of daylight and get some photos of the downtown area as they are lighting up for the night and rain starts to set in. As the rain becomes torrential, we find a high rise parking garage that has emptied out and drive to the top and get photos in the rain from the top and from the last covered level looking out at the downtown buildings in the rain. Eerily dark and deserted in the garage, the rainy city has a strange glow about it.

So we make our way back to our hotel on the dangerous and wet streets where it was difficult to see the lanes of traffic but it turned out uneventful. Until tomorrow…

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