Road Trip 2022 Day 05

Charlotte to Cherokee NC

Getting up this morning the rain is gone. We take advantage of the complimentary breakfast and head out. We head in the direction of “Chimney Rock”, a scant 2 hour drive. When we arrive, it even turns out there is an elevator up through the mountain for old fogeys like us to forego the 500 step climb and we pay the price to use it.

Once out on the rock, the views are good, in the vicinity of 75 miles out over the valley and over Luna Lake. We spend about an hour taking photos before moving on along and driving to Asheville for a mid afternoon lunch with a cold IPA and Hard Cider. Then it’s on to Cherokee, NC for dinner at Granny’s Buffet.

When we leave Granny’s, we cross the Eastern Continental Divide so now we have been across both east and west divides! The skies are dark and they open up and lightning lights up the skies for another show. We make it back to the Cherokee Econo Lodge Motel and manage to get inside dry. But the place has enclosed porches and I sit outside with a glass of wine and watch the storm. It’s been decades since I watched a good thunderstorm and it’s a fun evening!

Well, the plan is to go into the National Park early, weather permitting, in the morning, so I’ll turn in. Good night and I’ll see you all in the morning!

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